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IDC Foundation endeavors to enable larger sections of society to benefit from the country's growth and development, by periodically conducting awareness programmes on topical issues and capacity building by implementing educational and training programmes, particularly for the under-privileged sections of the society.


International Development Centre Foundation, (IDC Foundation) was established in 1997. It is an autonomous, national level, non-profit organization which focuses on community development initiatives to fulfill manifold objectives in the areas of Rural Development, Management Services, Information Technology and Environment related issues including R and D. Currently, Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Prof. Ajit Tyagi, Former Director General of Meteorology, Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Meteorology) Indian Air Force & Member, W.M.O. Executive Council is the Chairman and Managing Trustee of the Foundation. Foundation’s policy is to empower the under-privileged section of the society through education, and skill-based development.

The Foundation aims at developing professional, entrepreneurial and management skills at all levels. For discharging these significantly seminal responsibilities, IDC Foundation has a group of public spirited resource persons and multi-disciplinary experts.

Foundations promotes research by organising workshops, conferences and symposiums and giving awards to students. The Foundation has in the past, successfully organized 31 National level conferences, workshops and one International Symposium on topics of societal importance. Some of these are :

  1. Hospital waste management,
  2. Water quality,
  3. Health and Environment
  4. Air, water and noise pollution,
  5. Climate change,
  6. Energy conservation
  7. Information technology.
  8. Environmental sociology
  9. Disaster Management
  10. Smart City's
  11. International Symposium on “How to Achieve Greater Success-Holistically"

Other activities of the Foundation are:

  1. IDC Foundation’s “Friends of Farmers" Programme
  2. Water Conservation Programme
  3. Community Level Awareness Generation Activities,
  4. Capacity Building Programmes,
  5. Computer Education and Vocational Training
  6. National Environment Awareness Campaign