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Aims and Objectives of the Organisation:
  1. To design, develop and conduct training, educational and research programme in the area of human resource development and management  and in other allied or related fields.
  2. To promote, organize, or take over and maintain, run and manage training, educational and research institution / organization in the field of human resources development,  general management,  technical or general education etc.
  3.  To promote ,  start or permit  starting / running chapters/ centers/ units/ clubs etc. of the foundation at different location(s) and to grant charter/ recognition/ affiliation to them or any of them on condition(s) to be specified by the trust from time to time for the furtherance of the objectives of the trust.
  4. To conduct surveys,  build up information databank and provide problem solving services to individuals / body of individual, institution or organizations.
  5. To undertake studies and / or research of social or economical issues including are as related to  SC/ST, backward classes of society, women etc.
  6. To publish journal, books, papers / work of study, research, report, surveys etc.
  7. To guide,  promote and motivate voluntary activities / work in the fields of education, training ,  research for social upliftment  and betterment of the quality of life.
  8. To seek recognition , collaboration ,  affiliation , or cooperation of various reputed institution /  bodies for the fulfillment of the objectives of the trusts.
  9. To promote ,  construct ,  maintain , preserve and contribute towards the advancement of all the object of the trust and also towards charitable and humanitarian activities and shell include relief to poor for advancement of any other object of general public / benefit.
  10. To establish ,  maintain , run schools, colleges ,  institution for handicapped etc.  and to donate ,  subscribe ,  render aid out of trust fund for like purposes and to set ,  run and maintain educational , sports and training institutions and to donate, contribute or subscribe for such purposes.
  11. To maintain or grant aid to poor or deserving student and grant scholarship , stipends , prizes,  medals and supply books free of cost or at concessional rates to the students, teachers ,  scholars and/ or libraries and other institution.
  12. To establish maintain , support or grant aid to and / or maintain hospitals, medical research institutes , laboratories and  ayurvedic  and other institutions for running medical relief.
  13. To establish support ,  maintain or grant aid to old age homes,  maternity homes and child welfare centers, orphanages, widow homes, vigrant homes and blind schools and centers.
  14. To grant aid or to render relief to persons affected by famine ,  drought ,  flood , earthquakes and such other natural calamities and also to make contribution to welfare societies, association or organization undertaking such relief, operations.
  15. To establish, maintain, contribute, grant aid to scientific research, technological institutes and other centers of education and public places:
  16. To enroll patrons, members, subscribers, donors or permit its associated institutions/ bodies to do so for furtherance of the cause and objectives of the trust.